Lock or Dispose

Prevent misuse that can lead to drug addiction.

Keep your medications from being misused

Sixty-seven percent of people who misuse prescription medications get them from friends and family and only 5 percent of children who misuse prescription medications say they get them from a stranger, a drug dealer or the internet.

Securing your medication in your home and properly disposing of leftover medications can keep them from being misused. Further safeguard your medications by monitoring the quantities through frequent checks to see if anything is missing.

Medication lockboxes and locking pill bottles are readily available at pharmacies and online vendors.

Visit Lock Your Meds NC for more information about keeping your medications from being misused: http://www.lockyourmeds.org/nc/

Properly dispose of leftover medications

The safest and most environmentally responsible way to keep leftover medications from being misused is to take them to a secure take-back location. These are often in pharmacies and law enforcement buildings. Some communities will also hold occasional “take-back” events.

Alliance has compiled an interactive map featuring safe disposal sites reported by a variety of reputable sources. Note that this map may not be comprehensive.

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If you prefer, you can access these locations directly via the links below:

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The following files and websites offer information about safe disposal of medications at home:

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